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Reseller Niche Podcast

Nov 3, 2017

Special Thanks to Jason T Smith of the Thrifty Business show on Youtube. He gave us a huge shout out and I had a blast being on his show. This episode was actually recorded before that, so we wanted to make sure that we at least wrote a little something here about Jason and all the great content he puts out in the...

Oct 9, 2017

Reseller Niche Podcast #26. Today Russ & Mo discuss the importance of networking and all it's benefits. Our businesses and this podcast are all here because of who we networked with, we discuss that.

Sep 30, 2017

Catching up with Russ and Mo after a month layoff from the podcast. Find out what we've been up to. Russ discusses life on the road in his new RV and how it's changed his reselling process. We also discuss how we prioritize time by cutting out unnecessary social media.

Aug 17, 2017

Q4 or the Forth Quarter is only about 45 days away Roaming Pickers & Mo Fremont discuss how they are planning to prepare for Q4 this year on eBay, Amazon, etsy & Craigslist. We ideas for how to prepare yourself, what we learned from previous years, what worked and what failed and also what to look out for and avoid if...

Aug 10, 2017

Vintage Board Games are everywhere and today Russ Lee and I discuss them and How to decide between listing on eBay or Amazon or somewhere else like etsy. This was shot on Youtube, so we must apologize to our podcast listeners as we are talking about Vintage board games picked up in a recent Goodwill Haul, but if you...