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Reseller Niche Podcast

Jul 28, 2017

Today we interview Daniel Quimbaya AKA "Disney Dan" who is an expert with all things Disney. Dan lives in the Orlando, Florida area and is a daily visitor to the Disney World theme parks and has over a decade of buying Disney related items and flipping them on places like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook & Offerup. Join us as...

Jul 26, 2017

How has Goodwill changed? What is the future or reselling? Is Amazon going to kill retail arbitrage and retail in general? Is eBay dead? Do we all have to go back and get regular jobs? Mo Fremont & Russ Lee discuss these and other reselling related topics. 

Jul 22, 2017

On today's show we discuss a few ideas to sell stale eBay inventory.

I'm actually doing these to my own store.

1. Max out the pictures for every listing. If you don't have enough pictures, repeat, say you only have 4, use them 3 times each until you get a chance to add new ones.
2. Start with the brand or the biggest...

Jul 6, 2017

Roaming Pickers & Mo Fremont discuss how they are planning to tackle Q3 & Q4 this year on eBay, Amazon, etsy & Craigslist. We discuss trends, what we learned from previous years, what worked and what failed and also what to look out for.