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Reseller Niche Podcast

Jul 22, 2017

On today's show we discuss a few ideas to sell stale eBay inventory.

I'm actually doing these to my own store.

1. Max out the pictures for every listing. If you don't have enough pictures, repeat, say you only have 4, use them 3 times each until you get a chance to add new ones.
2. Start with the brand or the biggest keyword. So if it's non branded "mid century modern" start with that. Try and avoid words like "vintage" and "retro" to start with, Chris pointed this out on my store a few months back. I think the first few words like others are saying are the most important.
3. If you don't have a brand or have no idea how to describe something, pretend you are the one buying that item and search for it in ebay. See what pops up first, that might be a good indicator of good keywords, then copy them.
4. For stuff that you know how to describe, but has been sitting, find the recent solds and try and copy what they did, the description, the title, order of keywords, etc.
5. Don't relist items (I made this mistake many times). Do Sell similar for stuff that doesn't sell AND change/tweak the title, description and price. I think this gives you a better shot at ranking as a new item again. Also, switch your first and second pictures if it's an item that has been sitting.
6. Throw in a few auctions, you won't sell much this way unless it's a hot item, but I think ebay likes this and I'm sure you have free auctions to spare.
7. Free Shipping? I'm not a big fan, but you could try.
8. Try and pick up a few things that are in categories you aren't currently listing in. I'd keep them cheap so it won't hurt, but I think ebay likes it if you increase the categories you are listing in.
9. Offer Best Offer? Up to you it's a preference thing.
10. You may want to increase what's in your descriptions. This i'm not sure about myself, a lot of big sellers and next to no description I think because so many people buy from their phones so a long description won't be seen. Added keywords in a description may help? Not sure.
Hope these help, let me know as I'm starting to implement all this myself.