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Reseller Niche Podcast

Nov 3, 2017

Special Thanks to Jason T Smith of the Thrifty Business show on Youtube. He gave us a huge shout out and I had a blast being on his show. This episode was actually recorded before that, so we wanted to make sure that we at least wrote a little something here about Jason and all the great content he puts out in the Thrifting Board facebook group, The Secret Beach, Youtube and in the reselling community general. Thanks Jason and congrats on your 5th season of Thrifty Business!

Link to the latest episode of Thrifty Business

Russ Lee & Mo Fremont discuss beginning of Q4 and how well they have been doing after one month. Russ is on the road thrifting currently so the audio may be spotty in parts. We also discuss what to expect moving forward into Christmas and January (Q5) in our eBay and Amazon FBA business. Check it out!